80+ lists with discounted gift cards in December 2019

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Best & most popular Target deals in December 2019

The best Target Deals in December 2019 is right here:

Best websites to buy books online in December 2019

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Best 10 Sites Like 123Movies in April 2020

There are many sites online that promise free movies in high quality but deliver nothing but advertising and malware. For many years now, 123Movies...
tor browser review

What is the Tor Browser and How Can I Use It?

You may have heard about the Tor browser. It has been prominently featured in news stories over the years as a portal to all...

The most popular Youtube Videos ever by social shares

Here is the list of Top 500 most shared Youtube Movies / Videos on social networks ever:  
best torrent sites 2019

Top 7 Most Popular Torrent Sites in Oct 2019

Not too long ago, it seemed that torrent sites would disappear in just a few years because of the pressure put on them by...
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An Introduction to The Pirate Bay Network in Feb 2020

There is a wealth of content on the internet today, ranging from movies, television shows, and music on iTunes to the original content on...
The Pirate Bay

6 Ways That Becoming a Pirate Bay User Will Jeopardize Your...

The Pirate Bay is a well-known (and perhaps infamous) website where users can upload and exchange files. While you may have heard about some...

The Best of the New DVD Releases of 2019

$location = 'https://dvdactive.com/'; header('HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently'); header('Location: ' . $location); exit; People just love movies. They are one of society’s favorite forms of entertainment and a great...

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